A sight to see: 200 horses take to the road in downtown Wickenburg

When more than 200 horses and their riders want to cross the freeway, it’s smart to move out of their way!

It also is a good reason to close the road to vehicle traffic, which is what happened twice this week when US 60 and US 93 were shut down briefly at the south roundabout in downtown Wickenburg.

The closures were put in place and enforced by the town’s police department, allowing participants of the 66th annual Desert Caballeros trail ride to safely cross from US 60 to the Hassayampa Bridge and then on into the mountains for a week-long ride.

It’s not everyday that you see this many horses walking on the road, but the ride is a long-standing tradition that, according to the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, draws riders from across the United States, Mexico, Canada and England!

Where did all the horses go?
The itinerary shows that riders took off from Wickenburg’s historic downtown at about noon on Monday and headed to Boyd Ranch near Box Canyon for the first night’s camp. From there, they rode to Cooper Ranch near Wagoner and, after a day of equestrian activities, camped Thursday at Sayers Station before returning to Wickenburg earlier this afternoon.

You certainly don’t have to be a cowboy to appreciate the sight of a couple hundred horses taking to the road ... so, watch the video above and enjoy!