Airport Development Loans

Airport Development Loans

To enhance the utilization of available state funds, ADOT established the Arizona Development Loan Program. The program is designed to be a flexible funding mechanism to assist eligible airport sponsors in improving the economic status of their respective airports.


Eligible Applicants

The state, city, town, county, district, authority or other political subdivisions of the state, which owns and operates an airport(s), open to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis, is eligible for assistance under the Loan Program. Eligible airports must be identified in the ADOT State Airports System Plan dated November 2018 (or most current version).


Eligible Projects

Typical airport related construction projects include runways, taxiways, aircraft parking ramps, aircraft storage facilities, (hangars), fueling facilities, general aviation terminal buildings or pilot lounges, utility services (power, water, sewer, etc.) to the airport runway or taxiway lighting, approach aids (electronic or visual), ramp lighting, airport fencing, airport drainage, land acquisition, planning studies, and under certain conditions, the preparation of plans and specifications for airport construction projects. In addition, projects not eligible for funding under other programs and which are designed to improve the airport self-sufficiency will also be considered.



Application Packet Contents

This package contains information and materials for the preparation of your application for with the Airport Development Loan, including these items:

  • Application Information, Definitions and Instructions
  • Application Form (to be used as Exhibit A)
  • Basic Airport Development Loan Agreement
  • Exhibit B: General Provisions
  • Exhibit C: Borrower Assurances


Loan Definitions

Airport Development Loan: This is an interest-bearing loan available to publicly owned airports identified in the ADOT State Aviation System Plan dated November 2018. Loans may be utilized for projects that generate direct revenue to the airport.

Applicants who plan on submitting an application for consideration must review the entire Airport Development Loan Application packet carefully and submit one original and six complete copies of the loan request to this address:

Don Kriz, Aeronautics Group Manager
206 S. 17th Ave.
MD 426M
Phoenix, AZ 85007

There is no deadline for these submissions. We will consider each on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you have any questions concerning the program or need assistance with the application, please contact Mr. Kriz at 602.712.8333 or by email.