Five-Year Program Guidelines (ACIP)

  1. Projects proposed for inclusion in the program must be rated by the latest approved version of ADOT's Airport Priority Rating System and confirmed as being recommended for inclusion in the program.
  2. Projected public ownership of a facility and availability for public use are both required for programming a project at that facility.
  3. There are three categories in the program:
  • Airport Development Grants
  • Airport Pavement Maintenance Services (APMS)
  • Airport Loans
  1. There are three types of projects in the Grants category:
  • Projects that are related to maintenance
  • Projects that are related to safety and/or capacity enhancement
  • Projects that are related to environmental studies, planning or land acquisition
  1. Funds are to be programmed with approximately 80 percent to commercial service/reliever airports, 18 percent to public, general aviation airports and 2 percent to secondary airports.
  2. During each year of the program, funds to match FAA grants are set aside based on the amount of funds the FAA programs for airports in the state. These funds are to be programmed to provide up to 50 percent of the local share of all eligible items contained in FAA airport project grants.
  3. Funds must be distributed according to airport need as determined by the STB, with no more than 10 percent of the average annual revenue that the fund received for the past three years awarded to any one airport in any fiscal year (A.R.S. 28-8202 [D]). 
  4. The program is developed in a manner to utilize the maximum prudent and practical amount of federal funds.
  5. The state may fund up to 90 percent of a Commercial Service, Reliever, GA-Community, GA-Rural and 95 percent of a GA-Basic airport project with no federal participation.
  6. Consideration is to be given for including research and development projects that have a potential for significant economic and/or technical benefit to Arizona airports and/or airport users.
  7. The Grants and APMS categories are a facilities/capital improvements program that parallels the Federal Airport Improvement Program in terms of eligible grant items with the exception that the state does not fund capital equipment, routine operating maintenance items or revenue producing projects. The Airport Loan category is design to accommodate revenue-producing projects specific to an airport's economic welfare.
  8. The program was developed using approved State Transportation Board policies. Where there is a diversion from the approved policy, a new policy issue will be presented to the STB for consideration and approval.
  9. Sponsors are encouraged not to modify the scope of work after a grant has been issued. Any funds remaining after the initial work in the grant has been completed are to be returned to the State Aviation Fund.
  10. Grant duration for acquiring airport land is subject to individual review on a case-by-case approval.