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Data Analytics and Highway Performance Management System

Position Name Phone Number
Data Analytics/HPMS Manager Sage Donaldson 602.712.7870
GIS Analyst TBA --

Geospatial Analysis

Position Name Phone Number
Geospatial Analysis GIS Manager Sara Thompson 602.712.8636
GIS Analyst Robert Bush 602.712.7248
Sr. GIS Analyst Shaun Perfect 602.712.7818

Modeling and Forecasting

Position Name Phone Number
Modeling and Forecasting Manager Baloka Belezamo 602.712.7961
Data Integrity Manager Tracy Clark 602.712.8137

Traffic Monitoring

Position Name Phone Number
Traffic Monitoring Manager Marissa Abeyta 602.712.8232
Planner IV Samuel Alemu 602.712.7172
Electronics Tech II Bruce Larson 602.712.8598
Electronics Tech II Jason Real 602.712.8585
Electronics Tech II Shakil Rabbini 602.712.8553
Electronics Tech II Michael Dixon 602.712.7447

Transportation Analysis

Position Name Phone Number
Data and Information Manager James Meyer 602.712.8037
Geographic Information System Group Manager Patrick Whiteford 602.712.8591