Transportation Programs

Active Transportation Program

ADOT's Active Transportation Program provides a wide variety of resources and information about biking and walking in Arizona, including places to bike and walk, how to integrate biking and walking into your commute, important laws and policies, safety issues, maps, and organizations.

Arizona-Sonora Border Master Plan

The Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration are working collaboratively with the state of Sonora, Mexico, the secretaria de relaciones exteriores, the secretaria de comunicaciones y transportes and several other local, state and federal agencies to develop an Arizona-Sonora Border Master Plan (BMP).

Arizona State Aviation System Plan (SASP) Update

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)’s Aeronautics Group is currently conducting the Arizona State Aviation System Plan (SASP) Update to evaluate the current and future performance of Arizona’s airports. The SASP Update is a key element of ADOT’s long-term planning efforts to provide an integrated framework for the planning, operation, and development of Arizona’s aviation assets. 

Arizona State Freight Plan

The Arizona State Freight Plan will establish immediate and long range plans for freight related transportation investments. More specifically, it will identify freight transportation facilities that are critical to the State’s economic growth and give appropriate priority to investments in such facilities. 

Arizona Tribal Transportation

This is a central location for state-tribal transportation related partnerships, projects, activities, groups, links and other related information.

Asset Management

The long term management and financial needs of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) bridges and pavements will be addressed in a final Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) that will be completed June 30, 2019. ADOT has prepared an initial TAMP that describes the processes that will be undertaken to complete the final TAMP.

Complete Transportation Guidebook

The Complete Transportation Guidebook is a reference for integrating sustainable transportation practices into transportation planning, scoping, and design throughout ADOT’s project development process. The Guidebook provides strategies and techniques for identifying transportation choices that connect communities and enhance economic opportunity while maximizing the efficiency of limited resources.

Grand Canyon National Park Airport Master Plan

The goal of the Airport Master Plan is to provide the framework needed to guide future airport development that will cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand, while considering potential environmental and socioeconomic issues.

Key Commerce Corridors

Arizona is in a global competition for quality jobs, economic growth, and prosperity. A strong export-based economy, supported by excellent surface transportation connections to major markets, positions us to compete successfully.

Performance Management

The federal legislation Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (2012)(MAP-21) established a performance management framework that included the development of performance measures for safety, infrastructure condition and system performance. ADOT, in coordination with Arizona’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), established targets for each performance measure to aid in performance-based planning and programming of transportation projects.

Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) Program

The Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) program provides federal funds to assist tribal governments and counties, cities and towns outside Transportation Management Area (TMA) planning boundaries with multimodal transportation planning needs.

State Long-Range Transportation Plan

That’s why the Arizona Department of Transportation is looking 25 years down the road to determine the best mix of investment to preserve, modernize and expand the state transportation system with the resources available. It’s a project called the Long Range Transportation Plan, and it’s updated every five years. “Think Ahead about Transportation” workshops will be the foundation to begin the process of updating ADOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan, also known as What Moves You Arizona.

State Rail Plan

The Arizona State Rail Plan (SRP) is the comprehensive assessment of the state’s rail needs and was initiated in response to the increasing involvement by ADOT in freight and passenger rail issues.