Key Commerce Corridors

Key Commerce Corridors

Arizona is in a global competition for quality jobs, economic growth and prosperity. A strong export-based economy, supported by excellent surface transportation connections to major markets, positions us to compete successfully.


It is an exciting time at ADOT, where our focus is economic growth for the state, working collaboratively with the business community and other state agencies like the Arizona Commerce Authority. ADOT's role is to make sure that the transportation system is ideal for businesses to locate here and that commerce can flow freely. Our excellent location between two major markets in Texas and California, and bordering the emerging international market in Mexico is driving our long-range plans to improve Key Commerce Corridors in Arizona. It is about producing goods here and selling them elsewhere.

The essential Key Commerce Corridor improvements, including the most important Arizona transportation corridors, are estimated to total approximately $20 billion to meet the needs over the next 20 years. A combination of revenue sources may be the most acceptable approach to funding these costs. Any new revenues would be dedicated exclusively to the funding of the projects identified in the Key Commerce Corridor proposal.

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