Public Involvement/Outreach - SR 87 Corridor Development Study

Beginning of study

Due to the diverse nature of SR 87 users (commuters, travelers, tourists and a small number of residents who live in unincorporated areas near the corridor), coupled with the rural characteristics of the study area, a traditional public meeting would not yield effective public input.

As a result, public involvement for the study will be broadened by soliciting input from diverse stakeholder groups. These stakeholder groups will include government representatives, emergency service providers, and resource agencies. In-person, telephone and/or web-based meetings with stakeholders will be conducted at the beginning of the study.

The purpose of the stakeholder outreach is to solicit feedback on the initial projects identified in the March 2017 corridor study, as well as to seek input on corridor needs and other potential solutions.

Near conclusion of study

Initial stakeholder group feedback (described above) on corridor needs and issues, coupled with the technical review of data and information by project team, will provide input into the identification and development of solution alternatives.

Public input will then be solicited on solution alternatives during this “Alternative Evaluation Phase.” This input will be obtained via electronic means – posting documents to ADOT website, and soliciting input via an online study questionnaire. Public notification will be done through broader means, such as utilizing ADOT’s media channels (website, social media and news releases), contacting stakeholders and local agencies in and around the study area and other methods identified in consultation with ADOT.