Study Process - SR 87 Corridor Development Study

Study Process

SR 87 CDS recommendations will be developed for consideration and advancement to ADOT’s Strategic Corridor Program. The process that will be used and the documents that will be created to develop the study recommendations, include:

  • Traffic Analysis Report will analyze traffic operations and safety of potential alternatives, which include climbing lanes, variable speed limits and a corridor travel information system.
  • Environmental Overview (EO) will identify weaknesses and constraints for consideration in the future evaluation of alternatives and the design of improvements. The EO will identify information needed to meet National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements.
  • Feasibility Report will summarize the Traffic Analysis, EO, Initial Scoping and Public Involvement Summary reports, and include an implementation plan for use in potential future programming.

The Feasibility Report will also contain conceptual-level drawings and exhibits and cost estimates for implementation.

Scope of Work

Technical Advisory Committee

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been established to provide guidance and direction to the project team throughout the study and during the development of the Feasibility Report. The TAC is comprised of representatives from various ADOT departments (communications, project management, technical, transportation management and operations, etc.).