Naranja Drive Multi-Use Path: La Cañada Drive to First Avenue

Naranja Drive Multi-Use Path: La Cañada Drive to First Avenue


Project Overview

The Arizona Department of Transportation and Town of Oro Valley are planning new improvements for pedestrian and bicycle facilities by adding a multi-use path to the north side of Naranja Drive between La Cañada Drive and First Avenue.

Naranja Drive is a major collector road with several side street intersections and residential driveways along the corridor, serving adjacent developments. The two-mile long, 10-foot-wide multi-use path will provide pedestrian and bicycle modes of transportation and improve connections to employment and other essential services in the area. This project will connect to the Town’s existing multi-use path network.

Study Elements

A study will develop and evaluate design concepts for path alignment alternatives and identify the preferred alignment as part of the Project Assessment.

  • Addressing and incorporating user needs.
  • Extending drainage culverts and locating the path above culverts or cross drainage ways at grade.
  • Determining where retaining walls will be needed due to areas with steep slopes adjacent to the road.
  • Looking for opportunities to move the existing guardrail to the edge of pavement to shorten the length of culvert extensions.
  • Identifying which side streets and driveways will need to be reconstructed to meet cross slope and ADA requirements.

Project Area

Naranja Path Project Area Map


  • 4th Quarter 2023 – Begin Study
  • 1st Quarter 2024 – Public Open House
  • 2nd Quarter 2024 – Begin Design
  • 4th Quarter 2024 – Complete Design

Comments and Questions

  • Online: Submit a question or comment through the ADOT website. Visit and then select Projects from the dropdown menu.
  • By phone: Call the Town of Oro Valley Public Works Department at 520-229-4873
  • By email: Send comments or questions to [email protected]
  • Mail: Town of Oro Valley, Attn: Cheryl Huelle, 11000 North La Cañada Drive, Oro Valley, AZ 85737