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Your ID in your phone

You can now add your driver license or state ID to Samsung Wallet1 and use it at participating TSA checkpoints3. Instead of taking out your physical ID and passing it to a TSA Officer, you can open your Samsung Wallet. Authenticate, and tap or scan on a TSA digital identity reader. It’s quick, convenient, easy, and secure.


Where you can use it

Samsung Wallet is currently available for use at TSA checkpoints in participating airports2,3. More states and airport locations will be added on an ongoing basis.


It’s secure and private

With fingerprint or PIN required for access, and with Samsung Knox on your Galaxy phone, your Samsung Wallet is secure. The personal information from your driver license or state ID is encrypted.

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How to get your Mobile Driver’s License1


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Add Driver’s License/State ID to Samsung Wallet

Open the Samsung Wallet app to the ‘Quick access’ tab, click on ‘+’ button, select ‘Digital IDs’ and click on the ‘Driver’s License/State ID’ icon.

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Scan ID

Scan the front of your ID

Scan the front and back of your driver’s license or state ID, then hit ‘Next’.

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Face Scan

Scan your face

Follow the on-screen instructions for your Face Scan. The Face Scan is a way to verify “you are you”, the rightful holder of the driver license or state ID, and is for verification purposes only.

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Verify ID

Click ‘Submit’ and authenticate via fingerprint or PIN, which will then be associated with your Mobile Driver’s License to ensure that only you can access it.



How to use your Mobile Driver’s License at TSA checkpoints2,3

Look for a TSA digital identity reader at the TSA checkpoint.

If the TSA checkpoint has a TSA digital identity reader, you have two options to present your Mobile Driver’s License:

NFC: Tap your phone near the NFC reader and authenticate once your phone displays your Mobile Driver’s License information.

QR: Open the Samsung Wallet app to the ‘Quick access’ tab, select your Mobile Driver’s License and authenticate to open the card details page. Select ‘view QR code’ and scan it on the QR code reader once it appears.

Some airport checkpoints require additional verification before you can clear the TSA checkpoint.

For more information on Mobile Driver’s License, please visit the Mobile Driver’s License FAQ.



Requires a Samsung Wallet eligible device with the embedded secure element (eSE), Samsung Wallet version 5.2.99 or higher, and Android S or later OS. Please visit the Mobile Driver’s License section of the Samsung Wallet FAQ for full compatibility details.

Currently only available in Arizona. A Mobile Driver’s License is optional and acts as a companion to your physical ID; it does not replace it.

Only available at select TSA checkpoints at participating airports. Requires a compatible TSA digital identity reader. Availability subject to TSA and participating airport discretion. A boarding pass may still be required for ID verification at the TSA checkpoint. For a complete list of participating airports and additional information, please visit