San Carlos Apache Tribe Long Range Transportation Plan Update

San Carlos Apache Tribe Long Range Transportation Plan Update

The San Carlos Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a joint effort of the San Carlos Apache Tribe (SCAT) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to update the 2009 LRTP. This 20-year plan will guide decisions and prioritize transportation investments in the San Carlos Apache Tribe communities. The LRTP will reflect the vision, goals, and values of the local communities of the Tribe.




Goals and objectives:

The LRTP is guided by six transportation goals to achieve a robust multimodal transportation system. These goals include: improving roadway safety; enhancing accessibility; increasing mobility; increasing community livability; strengthening economic vitality; and maintaining environmental and cultural sensitivity.

The following objectives will be met to further the goals set forth by the LRTP:

  • Conduct a comprehensive roadway inventory and describe the existing and future multimodal conditions;
  • Update the BIA Roads Inventory Field Database System (RIFDS);
  • Identify specific improvements;
  • Develop short (5-year), mid (10-year), and long (20-year) multimodal transportation strategies to implement improvements and resolve identified inefficiencies; and
  • Incorporate input from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), stakeholders, Tribal members and officials into the plan.
  • Finalize the plan including attachment of a roadway inventory of the SCAT roadways (anticipated Spring, 2021).


Study Area

The study area is comprised of the entire San Carlos Apache Reservation. Established by executive order in 1871 by President Ulysses S. Grant, the Reservation spans 1,834,781 acres in eastern Arizona across portions of Gila, Graham, and Pinal Counties. The Reservation is situated approximately 110 miles east of Phoenix and 120 miles north of Tucson. Nearby communities include the City of Globe, which is located about 5 miles west of the Reservation, and Fort Thomas and Safford located to the east. The White Mountain Apache Tribe is located immediately north of San Carlos separated by the Black River. The San Carlos Apache Reservation contains several communities, including San Carlos, Bylas, Cutter, and Peridot.