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ADOT maintenance crews work through the monsoons
Ever survey an Arizona freeway during a monsoon? If you have, you’re likely to have seen debris in the roadway, landscapes in disarray, damage and even flooding…
Safety is top priority for ADOT maintenance crews
Today’s video does a very good job of summing up what the maintenance crews do and why it should matter to the traveling public.
On Alert: ADOT maintenance crews on call and ready to respond
ADOT crews that fix guardrails and fill potholes also assist whenever they are needed on traffic incidents.
Our director gets on-the-job training in ADOT's vehicle maintenance shop
ADOT Director John Halikowski gets his hands dirty in the vehicle shop in the newest episode of Direct Connect.'s-vehicle-maintenance-shop
Quick-acting maintenance crew returns lost dog to owners
An ADOT maintenance crew quickly jumped into action when they spied a dog on the side of the highway near Payson.
3 landscape maintenance tasks regularly performed by ADOT crews that you might not know about
If you liked the list of five electrical maintenance tasks regularly performed by ADOT crews we shared last month, you’re in luck today …
5 electrical maintenance tasks regularly performed by ADOT crews that you might not know about
Road maintenance is about more than just paving roads and fixing guardrail ...
Cleaning, maintenance all part of I-10 tunnel upkeep
With roughly 240,000 vehicles driving through it each day, the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel needs the night off every once in a while for a good, thorough scrub! Just about every four months, the tunnel is closed to traffic in order to allow crews the chance to wash the walls, maintain the ventilation systems and check on the tunnel’s 3,700 light fixtures (about 150-200 light bulbs are changed out each quarter!).
ADOT crews get ready for a snowy winter
ADOT snowplow drivers and support staff already are preparing for the icy, cold months ahead… And, yes, ADOT has snowplow drivers – the state isn’t all desert! Arizona winters always bring plenty of storms to keep our crews busy … remember this doozy from March?
From the Director: Tackling challenges, finding solutions
ADOT has embraced the Continuous Improvement culture and is streamlining its processes. Today's blog details more ways the agency is saving time and money.
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