Small Business Concern (SBC) Guide

Small Business Concern (SBC) Guide

This tab will guide you through the SBC component of the DBE Program, from deciding whether it’s for you, taking you step-by-step through the registration process and to learning what to do after you’ve registered.

SBC Benefits

  • Small Business Concerns become more visible to contractors, prime consultants, local agencies, and procurement officers with current and upcoming business opportunities throughout the state by registering as an SBC through the Arizona Unified Transportation Registration and Certification System (AZ UTRACS) and having their firm profile listed in the Transportation Directory.
  • ADOT, City of Phoenix, City of Tucson and other local government entities that receive federal funding include language in their contracts to encourage the utilization of Small Business Concerns on transportation projects.
  • Small Business Concerns are eligible to participate for free in most DBE businesses development activities, bidding opportunities discussions, networking events, conferences and workshops provided by ADOT.

SBC Requirements

  • Your firm must be a for-profit business registered to conduct business in Arizona.
  • Your firm must be independently owned and operated. It cannot be a subsidiary of another firm.
  • Your firm must not be dominant in its field on a national basis.
  • Your firm must meet the Small Business Administration (SBA) size standard for annual income for its primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. NAICS codes are six-digit codes that designate an area of business (for instance, the NAICS code 237310 means highway, street and bridge construction). SBA size standards are the maximum size a firm may be while still qualifying as a small business for Federal Government programs.

How to register

Registering as a small business concern (SBC) is relatively easy, and can generally be completed in a single session. All firm can apply for SBC certification through ADOT’s AZ UTRACS website.

For more information, visit the SBC Registration page.

Getting Started

Your firm can apply for certification online. Under the SBC Registration section, simply click “Start a New Application” to get started. Your first step will be to create a new Arizona Unified Transportation Registration and Certification System (AZ UTRACS) vendor account for your business if you don’t have one already. For this you’ll need your nine-digit federal tax ID number as well as some basic contact information for yourself and your business. Once you have an account, clicking “apply for certification/registration” will get you started.

What you’ll need

SBC registration is short and simple. All it requires is

  • basic contact information.
  • business profile information including things like primary activities for your business, number of employees, and gross earnings for the past three years.
  • your signature certifying that your business meets the requirements for SBC registration.

What happens once I submit my registration?

Once you have submitted your SBC registration, you’re done! Your registration will be reviewed and your company will be added to the ADOT SBC directory. You’ll also become eligible for many of the same free training, resources, services and opportunities as DBEs. Visit the DBE/Small Business Assistance guide to learn about some of these services.

Registered SBCs must update their registration every three years.