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Vehicle used to measure road smoothness.
Smooth roads are a top ADOT priority and they have been for some time, even back in 1968 when these photos were taken…
Traffic School from 1973
Take a look back at what traffic school was like in 1973.
Film projector from 1968
ADOT was at the 1968 Arizona State Fair and we'll be there this year, too.
ADOT Logo from 1974
If you traveled in time, back to 1974, this logo is the one you’d see representing the Arizona Department of Transportation.
National Transportation Week Display from 1980
Back in May of 1980, ADOT marked National Transportation Week with this outstanding exhibit that was displayed inside Phoenix's Central Library.
Worker fixing a streetlight in 1978
The photo was taken in December 1978 and, according to our notes, was snapped on I-15 near the Cedar Pocket exit.
Weatherometer from 1972
Today's "From the ADOT Archives" post showcases a piece of equipment used decades ago.
1979 dust storm
Taken in 1979 at 19th Avenue and the Salt River in Phoenix, these pictures in today's blog post show an area before and during a pretty intense-looking dust storm.
from the archives
These photos are almost 41 years old and show us that on Sept. 20, 1972, the Arizona Highway Department (now known as ADOT) held a public meeting in Camp Verde to discuss Interstate 17.
Workers creating road signs in 1979
How important are all the signs posted along Arizona’s highway system? Well, we’d literally be lost without them.


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