Arizona Management System (AMS)

Vehicle-repair shop
The Tucson Equipment Services shop made small improvements that add up to a big time savings.
Google Car
Self-driving cars are already operating in Arizona and ADOT is embracing and preparing for the new technology.
Workers in the Sign Shop
ADOT Director John Halikowski steps into his employees' shoes to learn what goes into making and installing highway signs.
Replacing highway signs with graffiti on them.
ADOT has embraced the Continuous Improvement culture and is streamlining its processes. Today's blog details more ways the agency is saving time and money.
Jared Veldheer's Jersey
What does Arizona Cardinals left tackle and captain Jared Veldheer have in common with the Arizona Department of Transportation? We both know that seat belts save lives.
Continuous Improvement in practice at an MVD Office
ADOT is working to examine our current processes and identify ways to do better for the customers we serve.


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