Neighborly advice: AZ511 app comes in handy

Neighborly advice: AZ511 app comes in handy


Neighborly advice: AZ511 app comes in handy

Neighborly advice: AZ511 app comes in handy

By Luis Carlos Lopez / ADOT Communications
September 28, 2022

Please, won't you be our neighbor? 

It' s September 28, and as such, it is National Good Neighbor Day. 

As a good neighbor, we’d love to share a tidbit of knowledge. It’s not quite sugar but if you are planning a trip, it may be just as sweet. 

I’m offering you a look at ADOT’s AZ511 app.

When planning a trip within Arizona, you'll know how to get there by using our useful app. Over time, you might begin to appreciate and embrace its utility. It provides real-time traffic conditions, as well as access to our statewide network of traffic cameras. There are other goodies, as well. AZ511 allows you to see construction zones, closures, truck routes and much more.

Fun fact: Embedded in this article is a glimpse of how AZ511's interface has changed over time. The toggle at the top is a look at the web version, Slide it back and forth to compare the differences in the website from when it began to today.

The benefits of the AZ511 app crystalized for me recently when my wife and I took a roadtrip. We wanted to travel new roads, so we looked to the app for alternative routes. We settled on traveling east on US 60 to Globe and then US 70 to Safford. Following the app's suggested route took us past beautiful eastern Arizona landscapes. 

As the mile-markers piled on, I could see the map in my head coming to life. Having planned the route beforehand allowed me to anticipate twists and turns along the way. It was as though I were tracing the journey with my finger, just as I often do when I want to find something on a map. 

Planning with the aid of AZ511 was much more enjoyable than the impromptu I-think-we-have-to-go-this-way attitude that governed my youth. If my mid-30s have taught me anything, it's that a little planning goes a long way.

After all, if you don’t know where you are going, you might end up some place else.     

AZ 511 system wins award, but you're the big winner

AZ 511 system wins award, but you're the big winner


AZ 511 system wins award, but you're the big winner

AZ 511 system wins award, but you're the big winner

By Laurie Merrill / ADOT Communications
October 20, 2021

In 2018, ADOT set out to modernize its AZ 511 Traveler Information System that allows motorists to quickly find out about traffic conditions. 

The goal was to help you avoid traffic jams and road closures by creating several ways for you to get essential highway information. 

The mission, as they say, was accomplished and with flying colors! 

This year, the Intelligent Transportation Society of Arizona named ADOT’s updated AZ 511 system the “Best ITS Implementation Project in Arizona” of 2020.

But, the real measure of success is you, the motorist. And you have flocked to the website, 511 phone system and AZ 511 app.

ADOT's goal was to make is easier for you to avoid sudden changes in road conditions, construction sites and weather emergencies. We wanted to provide speed maps, so you could check on traffic flow and offer information about wait times at international borders.

The result: An intelligent traffic system that lets you make informed decisions.

The spiffed-up AZ 511 system also offers a personalized experience with “MY AZ 511.” This provides tailored information about the routes you take every day. 

You can also choose a delivery method: You can either receive an email or SMS message, or you can use a phone to call the 511 phone line. Both will give you what you want to know about the routes you commonly navigate.

ADOT’s 2020 statistics show a steep increase in AZ 511 users. 

  • In just one year, the page views increased by nearly 400,000. About 2.2 million sessions were logged in 2020.
  • The number of AZ 511 app users also soared, showing a 26% increase in downloads between 2019 and 2020. 
  • There was also an 8% jump in 511 phone calls. 

When it comes to serious emergencies, such as the winter storm in March 2020, the numbers skyrocketed. During the storm, a great many of you turned to ADOT’s modernized AZ 511 system. Here are some key stats: 

  • AZ 511 phone calls rose 440% in 24 hours.
  • New users spiked from 2,089 on March 17 to 8,272 on March 19.
  • AZ 511 app usage rose 42%.

The award-winning AZ 511 system is a collaborative effort among ADOT Communications and Public Involvement, Transportation Systems Management and Operations Division, Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Division and the Information Technology Group. ADOT also works with many other state, regional and city partners on the system. 

Technology, training help ADOT keep roads safe during winter

Technology, training help ADOT keep roads safe during winter

I-17 101 traffic interchange

Technology, training help ADOT keep roads safe during winter

Technology, training help ADOT keep roads safe during winter

November 17, 2020

Winter driving tips

PHOENIX — When snow begins to fall, trained Arizona Department of Transportation snowplow operators will work around the clock to keep the roads safe. Ever-evolving technology incorporated into the snowplows help give the operators a leg up during their 12-hour shifts.

This year, 25 of ADOT’s snowplows have been equipped with new cameras that can stream a live feed back to district offices. These new cameras are another technological innovation to help ADOT be more aware of road conditions along different stretches of highway. They will help decision makers like district engineers and maintenance superintendents be able to see what the plow drivers are seeing.

ADOT districts will be able to see what conditions are like in neighboring districts and make plans to get a jump on snowplow deployment.

Many of ADOT’s nearly 200 snowplows also include auxiliary cab heaters to keep drivers warm while not idling and wasting fuel; heated windshields to prevent wipers from freezing and getting stuck; backup cameras and a camera and laser guidance system to help guide operators; state-of-the-art lighting packages, and front flex plows that can bend in different configurations to remove snow.

ADOT’s 400 snowplow drivers undergo extensive training so they can keep state highways safe. Now that we’re in the season for winter storms to potentially hit, it’s time for you to get to Know Snow by reviewing ADOT’s safety tips at

For starters, slow down when roads are slick with snow and ice, leaving extra room behind the vehicle ahead. Take a fully charged cell phone, warm clothing and an emergency kit that includes blankets, food and water, medication and sand or kitty litter.

Check your vehicle before heading out in winter weather, making sure – at a minimum – that the tires, heater and windshield wipers are in good shape.

Before traveling, research weather conditions to determine whether it would be smarter to sit out a storm so ADOT’s snowplows can clear highways. Check road conditions by calling 511 or visiting ADOT’s Twitter account (@ArizonaDOT) and Facebook page ( provide real-time information and interaction. 

While ADOT’s snowplow operators are ready to help you, you should help them in return. Always respect the plow. Avoid passing a snowplow that’s clearing a highway until the driver pulls over to let traffic pass, and never assume a snowplow operator knows your vehicle is nearby. If you can’t see the plow driver, there’s a good chance the driver can’t see you.

Remember: The safest place on a highway when it’s snowing is trailing a safe distance behind a snowplow.

Before traveling, start your winter season with a visit to so you can Know Snow in Arizona.