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I-15 Virgin River Bridge
We value the public input in our planning process. Please share your thoughts on ADOT's investments for the next five years.
Tucson Motor Vehicle Office
MVD implements strategies to improve customer experience and reduce overtime costs.
Your words here! Enter ADOT's message contest
We don’t need an Academy or selfie-taking accountants to tell us who has the best safety message.
Pouring Concrete
This year ADOT will continue to make improvements in our state transportation system to ensure we keeps Arizona’s economy moving.
Dynamic Message Sign: See your safety slogan on this sign!
Here’s your chance to be creative while thinking of important safety messages.
Highway Traffic
ADOT crews assisting motorists is one way the agency makes transportation personal.
Replacing highway signs with graffiti on them.
ADOT has embraced the Continuous Improvement culture and is streamlining its processes. Today's blog details more ways the agency is saving time and money.
Expanding Truck Load Map
The Arizona Department of Transportation has started a year-long pilot program that allows slightly heavier trucks to travel on interstates in Southern Arizona. The program began Sept. 1.
Jared Veldheer's Jersey
What does Arizona Cardinals left tackle and captain Jared Veldheer have in common with the Arizona Department of Transportation? We both know that seat belts save lives.
Continuous Improvement in practice at an MVD Office
ADOT is working to examine our current processes and identify ways to do better for the customers we serve.


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