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Dynamic Message Sign: Phones Down Just Drive
Distracted Driving Awareness Week is a good time to be reminded that safer roads are up to us.
Alert - wrong way driver ahead
When it comes to reducing the number of vehicle crashes, fatalities and serious injuries, real change has to begin in the driver’s seat.
101 Thunderbird Scottsdale
ADOT has done the research and analysis, but now we need from you about the long-range transportation plan.
Traffic Cones
National Traffic Incident Management Week is here and it's important to know what to do in a minor crash, both for your safety and others on the road.
BECO employees at booth
ADOT program celebrates fifth year helping small, minority-owned or woman-owned businesses perform work on transportation projects.
ADOT App Logo
ADOT Director John Halikowski explains the benefits of the new ADOT Alerts app.
Skull and bones
Crashes and fatalities involving drivers under the influence of drugs or medications are on the rise.
Thermal wrong way drive detection camera
ADOT Director John Halikowski discusses a planned system to help detect wrong-way drivers.
"Graduates; Show your Smarts - Drive Sober"
ADOT congratulates 2017 graduates, but also reminds them to make wise choices especially when it comes to driving.


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