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Dynamic Message Sign: Blind Spots Hide Motorcycles Always Look Twice
ADOT's state engineer hopes you'll resolve to be more aware of other motorists, whether they’re driving a vehicle with two wheels or four.
ADOT crew smooths new asphalt.
National Work Zone Awareness Week is almost upon us once again, and this year’s theme is “Drive Like You Work Here.”
Orange 3 Lane Reverse Curve warning sign with roadway in the background.
ADOT is updating the Strategic Highway Safety Plan with a renewed emphasis. You can read more about it.
Tow snow plow clears snow along I-40.
ADOT's snowplow drivers are ready for the severe winter weather that's already underway. Can you say the same for your vehicle?
Worker picks up shredded tire from roadway.
Make sure the summer "gators" don't cause you a problem when you're on the highway.
Stormy weather
Summer has arrived. From extreme temperatures to extremely strong storms, we all need to know how to handle summer in Arizona.
aerial view flex lanes
This month's Driving Safety Home focuses on an innovative option to improve Interstate 17 north of Phoenix.
Driving Safety Home 2017
Now is a good time for all of us to recommit to driving safely on our roads.
Snow surrounds I-17
Each year it's a good idea to brush up on winter travel safety.
Bicycles up against railing of Grand Canyon over look.
As temperatures cool, we see more pedestrians and cyclists on the streets, making it especially important to be mindful when sharing the road.


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