When someone asks you what you do for a living, it’s probably difficult to sum it all up with just a couple of words. It’s the same for most of us here at ADOT, where there are a lot of employees with a lot of responsibilities and so many different job titles! In an effort to better explain what ADOT does, we thought it would be informative (and fun) to take a closer look at some of the duties behind those titles.
The Real World Design Challenge is coming to Arizona! This annual competition gives high school students the opportunity to tackle actual engineering challenges. The contest is just for students, but we’re all going to benefit from the skills these future innovators are learning!
Now that you know a little about the ADOT permitting process involved with moving oversize loads, take a look at the latest heavy haul to cross Arizona’s highways. The video above shows just a portion of the journey this 285-ton load took beginning the first week of August.
When it comes to describing some hauls, the term “oversize load” is a major understatement. We’re talking about the enormous “super-loads” driven through the state each day. Maybe you’ve seen them on the freeways … they’re the trucks lugging gigantic transformers, generators, turbines, and even houseboats.