Five-Year Program

ADOT's Tentative Five-year Program Public Hearing Dates
It’s almost time for the next public hearing on ADOT’s tentative Five-Year Construction Program …
Collage of various traffic images, overlain with "Five Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program, 2014-2018"
ADOT’s tentative Five-Year Construction Program is now online and available for your review and comments ...
2013 - 2017 Five-Year Construction Project Cover
Would you say that you’re a planner, or do you adhere to more of a “let’s see what happens” approach to life? Nothing wrong with either attitude, but here at ADOT we’re definitely planners (no surprise – we’ve blogged plenty about it!).
Cover of the tentative five year transportation plan
Arizona’s transportation system has evolved over the past 100 years from a series of unpaved roads into a robust network of highways, airports and transit systems equipped with the latest technology and innovations.


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