Grand Canyon Airport

Red Butte Aerodrome
On the 90th anniversary of the Red Butte Aerodrome, we're taking a look back at the history behind the first airfield to offer passenger flights over the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon Airport
Last week, Santa Claus made a quick stop at ADOT's Grand Canyon National Park Airport.
Grand Canyon Airport
The Operations and Aircraft Rescue and Firefight Facility (ARFF) building at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport (which is owned and operated by ADOT), was recognized at the 22nd Annual Excellence in Masonry Architectural Awards sponsored by Arizona Masonry Guild on Sept. 20.
Grand Canyon Airport helps Santa and the Marines deliver toys to Havasupai
A different sight greeted the staff at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport on Dec. 3 when instead of tourist helicopters, two U.S. Marine Corps CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters landed to engage in their annual mission to deliver toys and food to members of the Havasupai Tribe who live at the bottom of the canyon ...


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