Holiday Travel

Car travels along a curving mountain road
We know the state’s highways will be busy this holiday weekend, which is why we’d like to share some details to help make your trip a safe one.
Snow covered road
As 2014 winds down, we want to say that we’ve really enjoyed sharing ADOT’s story with you this year!
Pedestrian road sign
Drivers are advised to plan for extra travel time this afternoon during what is often a “scary” commute due to heavier-than-usual traffic on Halloween.
Labor Day Traffic Restrictions Map
Since our hope is that your drive goes as smoothly as possible, we wanted to share some information on a couple of ADOT projects that will help you map out your trip.
"Scary" traffic conditions can occur during Halloween afternoon rush hour. That's why drivers are advised to plan for extra travel time after work today due to the heavier traffic conditions that can occur on this holiday.
2011 is quickly wrapping up and what a year it has been! Here at the ADOT Blog, we’ve enjoyed being able to showcase some of the interesting and exciting things that have happened at the Arizona Department of Transportation this year.


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