New I-17 Munds Park Traffic Interchange
The Munds Park traffic interchange on I-17 has come a long way since we first checked in on construction...
New fly-over bridge over I17 to SR 69.
Just in time for the Christmas and New Year holidays, ADOT has completed the new Cordes Junction ‘flyover’ bridge, which is now open to traffic!
A view of the project on I-17 at Munds Park.
Winter is coming… Maybe that’s hard to believe if you live in hotter regions of the state, but residents up north already are starting to experience chillier temperatures.
Work on the new Cordes Junction interchange over I-17
Here we are, past the halfway point on the I-17/Cordes Junction interchange project and it’s clear that work is really moving along! At least, it’s clear if you drive the area frequently, or if you watched this video back in February. Crews have been busy since then, as you can see above.
Shoe Tree
The “mystery tree” on I-17 still has us baffled, so imagine our bewilderment upon seeing these photos of a shoe tree off of State Route 87, south of Payson.
Construction on the I-17 and SR 69 Traffic Interchange
Just last month we blogged about a project that’s under way on I-17 and SR 69 in Cordes Junction. So, maybe you’re wondering why we’re bringing it up again so soon … Well, we’re blogging about it today because we’ve got an awesome new video (see above) that details the entire project and shows footage from January when crews installed some precast girders – a milestone in the construction.
Northbound I-17 bridge at Munds Park
Last week we received a blog comment requesting an update on the I-17 bridges that span over Pinewood Boulevard in Munds Park. We thought it was a great suggestion and figured a blog post was in order!
Construction on Cordes Junction Interchange
Those of you who have ever taken I-17 north or south through our state probably are pretty familiar with the Cordes Junction traffic interchange. It’s the one that sits right between Flagstaff and Phoenix and serves about 13,000 vehicles a day (that’s in addition to the more than 27,000 vehicles that travel daily on I-17 at the junction of SR 69).
Snowy forest road near Flagstaff, AZ
The official start of winter is approaching, but the cold weather is already here! Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you how ADOT prepares for the snowy conditions common this time of year in Arizona’s high country.
Section of I-17 in Phoenix with study area highlighted
If you regularly drive I-17 between the Maricopa Traffic Interchange (the Split) and Loop 101 (Agua Fria Freeway) in north Phoenix, you probably already realize the freeway is operating at (or near) total capacity. Now, just try to imagine what traffic will be like on that stretch by 2035!


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