If you liked the list of five electrical maintenance tasks regularly performed by ADOT crews we shared last month, you’re in luck today …
Multiple saguaro cacti reach towards a blue sky.
Successfully transplanting a cactus from one spot to another takes more than just a green thumb…
Erosion along the roadway - the result of an East Valley monsoon.
Ever survey an Arizona freeway during a monsoon? If you have, you’re likely to have seen debris in the roadway, landscapes in disarray, damage and even flooding…
Mound of green dirt
We won’t blame you if you see this green slope at the Loop 303 and US 60 (Grand Avenue) and think it's part of a St. Patrick’s Day stunt, but we promise this is no gimmick! The mound of dirt is green for good reason, albeit one that has nothing to do with tomorrow’s holiday …
Crews work on the large landform graphics along I-17
As ADOT employees, we naturally get a lot of transportation-related questions thrown our way by friends and family... it’s just something that comes with the job! But, another question we regularly get focuses on the rock landscaping surrounding our Valley freeways. People want to know why we don’t just use trees and shrubs instead of rock. Others wonder why we landscape the area at all.
Replanted trees and cacti along Loop 303
Who says constructing a freeway through a beautiful desert expanse has to spoil the view? Once the new stretch of Loop 303 opens this month, motorists will see for themselves that great care was taken by ADOT and its project partners to keep the scene as pristine and seemingly untouched as possible.


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