Vehicle equipped with a profilometer, an instrument that utilizes laser sensors and an accelerometer to measures a road’s smoothness.
ADOT’s job doesn’t end once a road is built.
Road cleanup
Do you ever think much about roadway debris? It’s a potential danger all drivers should be aware of – it’s also something that everyone can help prevent.
workers on a highway
Today’s video does a very good job of summing up what the maintenance crews do and why it should matter to the traveling public.
ADOT's Insurance Recovery Unit
We’ve blogged before about what happens after a crash on the state highway system ...
If you liked the list of five electrical maintenance tasks regularly performed by ADOT crews we shared last month, you’re in luck today …
Worker sprays paint over graffiti on a low wall.
It’s a real shame to see a road tagged with graffiti -- especially because we know all about the effort that goes into building a freeway in the first place.
Tanker Collision on I-10
I-10 was closed most of the day and night last Wednesday after two tanker trucks collided near Chandler Boulevard south of downtown Phoenix. For hours, many drivers could see the resulting column of black smoke. Even more people saw footage and photos of the collision’s aftermath on the news and online.
ADOT Snowplow
Driving a snowplow is a lot harder than it looks … Luckily, ADOT has about 395 employees trained and ready to operate the nearly 200 snowplows in Arizona’s fleet.
ADOT Snowplow in Maintenance Yard
Arizona isn’t known for its harsh, winter weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see some considerable snowfall during our colder months.


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