ADOT's Flickr page reaches milestone: 10 million views!

ADOT's Flickr page reaches milestone: 10 million views!


ADOT's Flickr page reaches milestone: 10 million views!

ADOT's Flickr page reaches milestone: 10 million views!

By Laurie Merrill / ADOT Communications
August 1, 2022

Most of us can only dream of getting 10 million of anything.

ADOT (Arizona Highway Department) Archives: Highways Pre-1950

10 million! In numeric terms, that's 10,000 thousands, 100 million dimes or 40 million quarters. 

It’s positively mind boggling!  

But ADOT’s Flickr page recently attained the milestone of 10 million page views. That means that there were 10 million times that people clicked on our page, which has dozens of photos albums and nearly 15,000. 

There’s something magical about Arizona’s highways and that magic translates magnificently into our Flickr account. Many beautiful miles, stunning vistas and every manner of fauna and flora is represented. As well as before-and-after photos of highway construction projects large and small with intricate details many of us might miss.  

The account went live in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2013 that ADOT’s Emmy Award-winning Video Services Team began populating it in earnest. 

Now, 10 million views later, the site’s popularity is a delightful mystery to John Dougherty, Video Services supervisor and a main contributor to the account.

Keams Canyon Boulder Removal (July 2021)

Perhaps it’s because of the key words inserted into photo descriptions of images, Dougherty said, terms like ADOT, AZDOT, Arizona Department of Transportation, freeways and safety, in addition to specific descriptors, like I-17 and flex lanes. 

“Or maybe there’s 10 million transportation geeks out there,” he joked. “I cannot explain ADOT’s Flickr popularity, but I like it.” 

In a state where each new bend in the road reveals a new feast for the senses, Dougherty’s team shoots multiple photos of every project, resulting in many different views that are equally eye catching, followed by an intricate, several step editing process.

“Photos on Flickr are the best-of-the-best photos,” Dougherty said.

The photographs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing works of art, they are also historically significant. The photos are grouped into albums representing highway and bridge project from across Arizona, litter pick-up efforts and other important events. 

Are you a history buff? You can check out one of the ADOT Archives albums with photos spanning decades, including a Highways 1970 to 2000 album.

Do you miss the old Pinto Creek Bridge? There are three albums, including the most recent showing construction of the new bridge.  We have plenty of photos of both the old and the new structures. 

We have albums filled with relocating the chuckwalla, saving saguaros, highway art, landslide and sinkhole repairs, wrong way signs, public officials, boulder removal, Adopt a Highway volunteers, snowmobiles during blizzards, and so on.  

Interstingly, the most popular photo, with nearly 8,000 views, isn't so much beautiful as it is newsorthy: It's a photo showing a blocked off road from the US 89 landslide repair from March 2015.

You'll have to give our page a visit soon. Once you do, you’ll probably keep coming back and ADOT’s Flickr page will be faster on its way to 20 million page views!

Arizona Highways Magazine again glitters with awards of gold, silver and bronze

Arizona Highways Magazine again glitters with awards of gold, silver and bronze

I-17 101 traffic interchange

Arizona Highways Magazine again glitters with awards of gold, silver and bronze

Arizona Highways Magazine again glitters with awards of gold, silver and bronze

October 14, 2021

The accolades keep rolling in for Arizona Highways. The magazine published by the Arizona Department of Transportation has earned more recognition for its excellence in design, visuals, outstanding writing and production.

In its annual awards program, the International Regional Magazine Association (IRMA) awarded Arizona Highways a total of 22 honors in categories including excellence in feature writing, photography, art direction, Writer of the Year, Photographer of the Year, among others. 

This is the seventh straight year that Arizona Highways has received at least 16 IRMA awards. 

“Arizona is known for its unique beauty, robust and diverse mixture of colorful personalities and incredible stories that we are privileged to bring to the world every month,” said Kelly Mero, Publisher of Arizona Highways. 

“The real stars are the state and its people, and they make it possible for us to receive awards like these. They deserve this recognition as do the talented people inside and outside of ADOT who collaborate to make Arizona Highways come alive every month.”

IRMA is a nonprofit association of 25 regional magazines from across North America. This is the 41st annual awards competition, and entries are judged by a panel of magazine industry experts from outside of IRMA. 

Arizona Highways received the following awards:


Gold award winners:

Profiles: Meet the Master | September 2020 | Kelly Vaughn

Column: August 2020, December 2020, March 2021 | Robert Stieve

Single Photo: Navajo Dancer | May 2020 | Mylo Fowler

Portrait Photo: Greg Wildman | January 2021 | Joel Grimes

Portrait Series: I Just Want to Go Home | May 2020 | David Zickl

Magazine Photographer of the Year: Jack Dykinga


Silver award winners: 

Public Issues: At the End of Their Ropes | January 2021 | Noah Austin

Historic Feature: The Exodus Trail | May 2020 | Annette McGivney

Nature and Environment Feature: Ho, Ho, Ho … Green Giants | March 2021 | Tyler Williams

Essay: Breathing Space | July 2020 | Craig Childs

Photo Series: The Evolution of Landscape Photography | April  2020 | Edited by Jess Kida 

Illustration: The Exodus Trail | May 2020 | Davide Bonazzi

Special Focus: The Great Escapes | July 2020

Cover: May 2020


Bronze award winners: 

Travel Feature: A Trip to Remember | August  2020 | Willis Peterson

General Feature: Salvage Operation | March 2021 | Annette McGivney

Headline and Dek: Beadlemania | November  2020 | Robert Stieve

Art Direction SIngle Story: There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills | October 2020 | Keith Whitney

Magazine Writer of the Year: Kelly Vaughn

Travel Package: The Great Escapes | July 2020 | Edited by Robert Stieve


Award of Merit:

Art and Culture Feature: The Fruits of Her Labor | May 2020  | Kelly Vaughn

Recreation: In for a Bumpy Ride | June 2020 | Chel Knorr


Founded in 1925, Arizona Highways is dedicated to promoting travel to and through the state of Arizona. In addition to the world-renowned magazine known for spectacular landscape photography, Arizona Highways publishes travel guide books, calendars and other products to promote travel in Arizona. The magazine has subscribers in all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

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