Road Closure

SR 273 open outdoor recreation snow snowplow snowblower clearing snow state highway Arizona White Mountains
Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, the reopening of state highways in the high country is a sure sign of spring. Just remember to be safe if you are planning to drive these scenic roads.
Ramp closed sign with freeway in the background
We’ve all been there... Sitting in traffic, moving slowly and wondering if we’ll ever get past the incident that’s causing the delay. Thousands of motorists experienced that scenario yesterday during a busier-than-usual morning rush hour.
Grand Canyon
Hard to believe, but just two months ago it was still technically winter… Since then, temperatures around the state have warmed up and we're officially headed toward summer. Besides the hotter temps, this time of year also brings about the reopening of roads, routes and highways closed by ADOT for the winter.
Desert Caballeros trail ride in downtown Wickenburg
When more than 200 horses and their riders want to cross the freeway, it’s smart to move out of their way! It also is a good reason to close the road to vehicle traffic, which is what happened twice this week when US 60 and US 93 were shut down briefly at the south roundabout in downtown Wickenburg.
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