Safety in the Work Zone

Work on I-17 in 1980
For as long as there have been roads, there have been work zones.
Speed reduced ahead road sign
Driving with caution through a work zone will not only help to protect road crews, but it will also help to ensure your safety.
ADOT Workers working on putting up a sign
Work Zone Awareness Week starts today and we've got some tips that will help keep you, and everyone in the work zone, safe.
Work-Zone Safety Facts
Mention “work-zone safety” and you probably think about protecting the men and women who build, fix and maintain our roads and highways ...
Safety orange diamond sign with figure of flagger beside roadway
For obvious reasons, highway work zone safety is a serious subject here at ADOT… The agency’s employees who build and maintain Arizona’s roadways are constantly aware of (and prepared for) any hazardous situation that might occur.
After completion, construction zone lane lines are gone.
With the number of road construction projects happening around the Valley right now, chances are you’ve driven through an active construction zone or two recently. Maybe you’ve noticed the lane lines in some of these construction zones look a little different. A little … temporary?
Work zone at Cactus and I-17
‘Why are the cones and barricades still up, but no one is working?!?!?’ If you’ve ever driven by an empty freeway work zone, you might have wondered this yourself. But, despite how things may appear, there still is a risk to the traveling public, which means those barricades are very necessary.


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