Then why have we spent so much time of late telling you what NOT to do when you're heading uphill for some winter fun?
Aggressive drivers belong on Island of Misfit Toys
At ADOT, we're dreaming of safe driving on Arizona's highways for the holidays.
Snow plow
We understand the temptation, but the highway shoulder is NOT a safe place to pull over and play in the snow.
Highway signs
New signs along two stretches of highway designate Safety Corridors. See our video explaining this effort.
Winter Roads
While ADOT works to keep our roads drivable and safe all season, the decisions everyone else makes are equally important.
Bicyclists sharing the roadway
As temperatures cool and more pedestrians and cyclists head out, take precautions and share the road.
child in car seat
Today’s blog, for our Spanish-speaking audience, reminds us how important seat belts or child seats are for kids.
Highway Sign: Dumb Drivers & Smartphones Don't Mix
ADOT reminds travelers to be prepared and safe as they head out for Labor Day weekend.


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