ADOT worker reflection in Highway sign.
Our ADOT photographers perfectly captured the reflection of an employee on the job in this week's Art of Transportation.
Highway signs
The ADOT Sign Shop is one very busy place. Get a behind-the-scenes look at where thousands of signs are created each year.
Wrong way road sign
New steps are being taken in the Phoenix area in efforts to get the attention of wrong-way drivers before they enter a freeway in the wrong direction.
Geico rest area sign
When you’re taking your next road trip through the state, you’ll likely notice our new signs that designate each of Arizona’s 14 highway rest area locations as “Safe Phone Zones.”
Highway signs
During last week's I-10 closure, ADOT took advantage of having an empty freeway by installing some new signs.
Future I-11 Corridor sign
New signs mark the future I-11 corridor between Phoenix and Las Vegas. They were installed by ADOT along US 93, a likely route for the proposed interstate.
Historical Arizona Highway Map
"Arizona's Transportation History" provides us with a look at how and why our state's highways were numbered.
Various road signs
The ADOT Sign Shop is one very busy place. Nearly 35,000 signs were created there during last fiscal year alone – that averages out to almost 3,000 signs each month!
Workers creating road signs in 1979
How important are all the signs posted along Arizona’s highway system? Well, we’d literally be lost without them.
Showcasing the graffiti shields on a road sign
A whole lot of work goes into making sure ADOT signs stay readable, reflective and in good repair …


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