Highway signs
During last week's I-10 closure, ADOT took advantage of having an empty freeway by installing some new signs.
Future I-11 Corridor sign
New signs mark the future I-11 corridor between Phoenix and Las Vegas. They were installed by ADOT along US 93, a likely route for the proposed interstate.
Historical Arizona Highway Map
"Arizona's Transportation History" provides us with a look at how and why our state's highways were numbered.
Various road signs
The ADOT Sign Shop is one very busy place. Nearly 35,000 signs were created there during last fiscal year alone – that averages out to almost 3,000 signs each month!
Workers creating road signs in 1979
How important are all the signs posted along Arizona’s highway system? Well, we’d literally be lost without them.
Showcasing the graffiti shields on a road sign
A whole lot of work goes into making sure ADOT signs stay readable, reflective and in good repair …
Square white left turn yield on flashing traffic sign with yellow directional arrow pointing left in a black circle.
Red means stop and green means go, but what about a flashing yellow arrow? It’s a traffic signal you might not encounter daily, however ADOT plans on adding one to the I-10 interchange at 32nd Street near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and drivers should be prepared for the change.
Bigger easier to read highway signs attached to Thomas Road overpass over I-17
Bigger, easier-to-read signs are coming to a freeway near you! That’s because at the beginning of the year, ADOT adopted the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), along with the Arizona supplemental modifications, as a standard for traffic control devices for use on the streets and highways of the state of Arizona.
Example of a  worn out highway sign
We received a question on our Facebook page last week asking us why, in this time of tight state budgets, ADOT is spending money to swap out what appear to be perfectly good highway signs. We thought it was a great question, so here’s the answer…
A 16x16 foot sign welcoming motorists to Arizona
Most of the signs ADOT produces have to be pretty big so drivers can read them, but one of the newest is simply massive… At 16x16 feet, a new sign welcoming motorists to Arizona is among the tallest in the state. It recently was installed on Interstate 8 near Yuma; however, it was made in Phoenix, and as you can imagine, moving a sign that size isn’t a simple task (see video above and photo slideshow below).


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