Snowplow clearing the road
When Arizona’s latest winter storm hit Sunday evening, ADOT crews went into high gear.
Snow fence
Snow fences are used by ADOT to help prevent wind-blown snow or snowdrifts from accumulating on the roads.
Snowy forest road near Flagstaff, AZ
The official start of winter is approaching, but the cold weather is already here! Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you how ADOT prepares for the snowy conditions common this time of year in Arizona’s high country.
Snow on I-40
Snow-covered, icy highways get swift attention from ADOT crews each winter, but some routes face factors so severe, that completely closing the road down for a few months is the best option.
ADOT Snowplow
Driving a snowplow is a lot harder than it looks … Luckily, ADOT has about 395 employees trained and ready to operate the nearly 200 snowplows in Arizona’s fleet.
ADOT Snowplow in Maintenance Yard
Arizona isn’t known for its harsh, winter weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see some considerable snowfall during our colder months.


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