SR 260

Snowy landscape of SR 260
ADOT has been in the news lately for a photo posted to our Twitter and Facebook sites.
Aerial view of SR 260
Get an update on the SR 260 bridge rehabilitation project, located about 17 miles east of Payson.
Newly laid section of SR 260
Judging from the video above, crews have been busy since we last checked in on the SR 260 widening project east of Payson… Go watch the video from a year ago to compare with today’s and see if you agree (we’ll wait right here!).
Interstate 10 in Arizona
The new year officially is here, but before we dive into 2012 we’re going to take a quick look back. ADOT’s Public Information/Media Relations team came up with a great list of the state’s major transportation accomplishments from 2011 and we thought we’d share it here on the blog!
Snowy forest road near Flagstaff, AZ
The official start of winter is approaching, but the cold weather is already here! Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you how ADOT prepares for the snowy conditions common this time of year in Arizona’s high country.
SR 260 Improvements begin - Dirt work along SR 260
State Route 260 – the road so often taken by Arizonans seeking a quick trip to cooler climates – is undergoing improvements, which will make its scenic drive a little smoother for motorists!
Blasting - Keep Away!
Some terrain is so rough and rocky that even heavy-duty machinery can’t break through. That was the case last Thursday when ADOT crews used more than 7,000 lbs. of explosives to remove roughly 8,000 cubic yards of material along SR 260, about 20 miles east of Payson.


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