QR codes are big nowadays … you see them everywhere. They’re the two-dimensional bar codes that provide a quick link to web pages for your smart phone. They are not only fun (there’s something kind of awesome about scanning a code and instantly being taken to a web destination), but they’re also convenient and that’s why ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division is utilizing QR codes along with a new mobile site to provide customers the ability to renew vehicle and aircraft registration on the go!
ADOT uses a profilograph to survey newest stretch of Loop 303 for any lumps, bumps or dips.
In fact, ADOT goes to great lengths to make sure Arizona’s roads are as smooth as possible…even when that means walking hundreds of miles of roadway! To measure the smoothness of a road, ADOT uses a machine called a profilograph that surveys the road for any lumps, bumps or dips.


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