Transportation Defined

An inclinometer measures slope inclination.
When engineers suspect a slope or embankment might be moving, they can use an inclinometer to see if their hunch is correct …
Guardrails. You see them all the time, right? But, how often do you really think about the important job they’re performing?
A climbing lane on SR 87
Next time you’re traveling uphill only to get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle or truck, you’ll appreciate the concept of a climbing lane ...
Recessed pavement markers are used in colder climates.
Most drivers are probably familiar with pavement markers ... Nothing new there, but did you know that the markers can vary depending on their location?
Dynamic Message Sign
We’ve got a blog post coming up real soon that’s going to focus on Dynamic Message Signs (Don’t know what those are? Keep reading!).
Large aerial photo film rolls in the archive
This item probably looks pretty familiar to any of you photography buffs out there. It’s a roll of film – a really big roll of film. But, what does this have to do with transportation, you might ask?
Lost deck wood framing system
What's a Lost Deck? Find out, today on the ADOT Blog.
Close-up of rebar caps on the ends of rebar
A rebar cap is a special steel-reinforced plastic “mushroom” cap that is placed on protruding rebar at construction sites. Even though it’s small, it serves an important purpose.
Milepost marker on roadside
These reference “posts” are set two feet off the right shoulder and are about one mile apart. Mile posts can be used to tell where you are located if you are involved in a collision, have mechanical problems, or are out of gas. If you have to stop, note the route you are on and the approximate distance from a mile post.
Highway advisory radio
When you see signs directing you to tune in to a certain radio station for construction information, do you ever wonder where the signal is coming from? Chances are a nearby Highway Advisory Radio transceiver is helping to deliver the message.


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