Workers secure iron caisson framework
It’s not just about building and maintaining roads; transportation is what connects people, businesses and our communities. We think it’s pretty important and want to take a chance to briefly describe how transportation is funded in this state.
Dedication of Navajo Bridge in 1930
Yesterday we kicked-off Arizona’s Centennial celebration with a look at where Arizona is today and how the work we do in the present will affect the lives of Arizonans in the future.
ADOT Intercity Rail Study Logo
What are your thoughts on the possibility of a new transportation connection between Phoenix and Tucson? If you travel between these two major metropolitan areas, the Arizona Department of Transportation wants to hear from you!
Snowy mountains behind forest
When the 2011 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation wrapped up late last month in Seattle, the very exciting announcement was made that ADOT had been selected to serve as host for the next conference in 2013!
ADOT logo
Transportation is personal. It affects every aspect of our daily lives, giving us the freedom to move where, when and how we want to go. It’s how we get to work in the morning and back home at night. It’s how the products we buy get to stores and how the products we sell get to our customers. It’s how we reach destinations in our state.


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