US 60

Salome historical marker
Salome was made famous by larger-than-life Arizona legend Dick Wick Hall, who founded and named the town and was well known of his humorous pokes at Arizona's weather.
Pinto Creek Bridge replacement work
Our project on US 60 at Pinto Creek is more than just a new bridge going up. It's a new part of the road's history.
US 60 and SR 260 project map
An extensive and innovative paving project in northeast Arizona is going to greatly improve the road surface while also proving a 2,500-year-old Greek philospher right.
Adopt a Highway volunteer Show Low US 60 in memory of Melissa Pomeroy
These families remember the loved ones they've lost all year long by keeping their small part of Arizona grand and litter-free.
State Route 360 in Tempe
This week we throwback nearly 50 years to a pleasant evening with a Valley freeway in its infancy.


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