US 60 Pinto Creek

Pinto Creek Bridge replacement work
Our project on US 60 at Pinto Creek is more than just a new bridge going up. It's a new part of the road's history.
Endangered cactus preservation Desert Botanical Garden Pinto Creek bridge
Once the project at Pinto Creek bridge on US 60 is done, ADOT will have accomplished more than just replacing a bridge. It will have helped experts preserve an endangered species of cactus that grows in the area.
Pinto Creek bridge US 60 girders construction work summer 2021
Whether it's the satisfying geometry of a bridge's lines and shapes or the sheer immensity of its size, the various construction stages are a sight to see. When it comes to the new Pinto Creek Bridge on US 60, you have the added appeal of stunning desert scenery and staggering slopes set against an Arizona blue sky.
US 60 Pinto Creek thumbnail
We are halfway through our project on US 60 at Pinto Creek. You may not have seen much now, but that will change as we move into the back half of the project.


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