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We're going gaga over a nosy pooch, remembering one of Hollywood's greats and his visit to the Valley and leading the way in wrong-way detection technology for this week's Friday Five.
Where in AZ?
A road on a steep grade is one of the few clues available for participants in this week's "Where in AZ??" challenge.
Large mysterious structure
We're betting this building is going to stump many of our "Where in AZ??" participants this week.
Tyrannosaurus Rex statue
Our "Where in AZ??" challenge features a more unusual roadside attraction.
Where in AZ?
For those who have visited some of Arizona's more notable sites, this week's "Where in AZ??" should be an easy one!
Where in AZ?
This week's "Where in AZ??" challenge is a spot that's especially close to our heart here at ADOT.
Where in AZ?
Today's "Where in AZ??" challenge takes you to some steep terrain and curvy roads.
Where in AZ?
Do you know this Arizona location? Visit our social media pages to enter your guess!
Where in AZ?
We're getting you geared up for the work week with a brain teaser!
Two lane road
If you think you know every inch of Arizona, we have a challenge for you!


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