Wrong Way Driver

If you see your sign, here's what to do and what's happening behind the scenes.
Dynamic Message Sign - "Wrong-way driver ahead / Exit freeway"
Do you know what to do when there's a wrong-way driver? Read further to find out.
I-17 wrong-way vehicle alert system award
Our wrong-way vehicle alert system being tested along a stretch of I-17 in Phoenix has earned a special award for innovation.
Wrong way road sign
As we reported this week, results from the I-17 wrong-way detection and warning system have been promising.
SMF work
We're going gaga over a nosy pooch, remembering one of Hollywood's greats and his visit to the Valley and leading the way in wrong-way detection technology for this week's Friday Five.
Peer Exchange Event
Other states look to ADOT as they consider adopting wrong-way driver detection technology.


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