The Inside Lane October 2023

  • See how ADOT employees de-stress. 
  • Discover how MVD provides IDs to those experiencing homelessness.
  • Read about supervisors sharing Leaders Connection Conference takeaways. 
  • View photos of snow blower training.
  • Meet the Broadband and Statewide Encroachment  Permits Office team. 

L-C-143 Appraisal

L-C-081 Appraisal

The Inside Lane September 2023

  • See how John Curley of the Transportation Systems Management and Operations Division runs cross country to support charities. 
  • Learn how the Sunset Point Rest Area renovations, including the Sundial Memorial, involved substantial collaboration within ADOT and with external partners. 
  • Meet Cindy Butterfield with the Enforcement and Compliance Division’s St. George Port of Entry. 
  • Discover what the Workplace Learning and Technical Development team does.

L-C-148 Appraisal

L-NW-005 Appraisal

L-C-159 Appraisal

L-C-145 Appraisal

L-C-156 Appraisal

The Inside Lane August 2023

  • Read about ADOT adding electric vehicles to the state fleet.
  • Discover what Central District Program Administrator Alexis Zaring does.
  • Enter the MVD Office of the Future.
    Share your relaxation tips.
  • Learn about the Spillman Team of the Enforcement and Compliance Division.
  • Meet Wayde Webb, deputy director for the Motor Vehicle Division/Enforcement Compliance Division and the Office of Inspector General.