Inspections and Salvage Vehicles

Should I let the buyer know?

Arizona law, ARS 28-2091-O, requires that any person who sells a vehicle for which a salvage title has been issued, must disclose to the buyer, before the completion of the sale, that it is a salvage vehicle.

Can I buy a salvage vehicle?

Yes. However, the seller must tell the buyer that they are purchasing a salvage vehicle. Make sure that when you do buy a salvage vehicle that you get to keep the proof of ownership of replacement component parts used in the repair or restoration.

What must a receipt contain?

Each receipt must include these items:

  • Description of the vehicle from which the parts were removed, including vehicle identification number (VIN), year, make and model.
  • Name, address and signature of the company or person who sold the part.
  • Driver license number of the seller (if private party) or the tax identification number (if a company).
  • Title Number for the Certificate of Title.

What documents are needed for an inspection?

  • Proof of ownership; vehicle title (if issued); registration (if issued); or bill of sale.  
  • Valid driver license
  • Receipts or invoices for all component parts that have been repaired or replaced.  

Why is a Level III inspection needed?

To help reduce auto theft, restored salvage vehicles require the more comprehensive Level III inspection conducted by peace officers. A Level III is necessary to verify all major component parts (front end assembly, engine, transmission, rear end assembly) and the vehicle is equipped for highway use.

How do I apply for a restored salvage title?

Complete a title application, make an appointment to have a Level III inspection conducted, obtain an emissions compliance certificate (if applicable), surrender the salvage title with the application and pay a $4.00 title fee – plus registration fees (if applicable).