ADOT Kids - Engineering Bridges

ADOT Kids - Engineering Bridges

Kinds of Bridges on Arizona Roads

Take a look at the different kinds of bridges on Arizona roads. Most of this video was shot using a drone with a camera attached which allows the videographer to stay safely on the ground while filming the bridge from different angles.

SR89 Hell Canyon Bridge Demolition

Time lapse I-15 Bridge rehabilitation

ADOT Kids: Art and answers to your bridge questions!

We’re excited that so many kids sent us bridge designs and asked questions about bridges.

ADOT Kids: More fun with bridges!

For those who want to know even more about how bridges work, we have a graphic listing bridge parts and a bunch of important terms. And don't miss our first word search!

ADOT Kids Activity: Get to know bridges!

Learn about how ADOT builds bridges, then take a shot at completing a highway by designing your own bridge.