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ADOT has created with site with videos, stories and transportation activities for kids. Check back because we are adding new information and activities often. 

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What is ADOT Kids All About?

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ADOT Kids was created to spark children’s curiosity in how things work and what makes things go ... to tap into their interest in science, technology, engineering and math. ADOT Kids has lots of free, downloadable activity sheets, links to videos, and more! The Arizona Department of Transportation Communications team members worked together to develop this program to entertain and educate children about a career in engineering! For older kids, check out the ADOT intern program, open to current college students and high school graduates who have been accepted to a college or university and are majoring in engineering, and the Engineer-in-Training program for students who have earned a bachelor's degree in this field.

What are Civil Engineers?

Civil engineers design structures using knowledge that kids learn in school in subjects like math, science, English (especially for writing reports) and computers to help them do their work. At ADOT, civil engineers help cars and other vehicles get from place to place. They design freeways so that traffic jams can be avoided, keeping in mind safety and efficiency. What if a road needs to go over a train track, or over a mountain or through a canyon? Civil engineers can solve this by designing tunnels or bridges to go through, over or even under these obstacles. They also can supervise the construction and maintenance of their designs to make sure everything is going according to plan and the roads are in good condition.