ADOT Kids - Snowplows

ADOT Kids - Snowplows

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Snowplow Coloring Sheets:

Coloring sheets: download and print. 


ADOT Kids: Get to know snowplows!

Yes, it snows in Arizona, so it's time to start thinking about snowplows! Learn more about how ADOT uses these incredible machines.

ADOT Kids: Sharing your snowplow art, answering your questions

Thanks to everyone who took part in our first ADOT Kids activity about snowplows! Here's a slideshow with your art and a video with an ADOT engineer answering your questions.

ADOT Kids Quiz: Test your snowplow knowledge!

As part of an ADOT Kids activity, take our quiz below to see how much you know about snowplows.

ADOT Kids Activity: Get to know snowplows!


EDITOR'S NOTE: During this unprecedented time, ADOT is creating transportation activities for kids. Please visit azdot.gov/ADOTKids or use the hashtag #ADOTKids on ADOT's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to see what we have going on.

By Ryan Harding / ADOT Communications