"The EIT program exposed me to so many different aspects of ADOT and helped me understand the different areas within ADOT and how they interacted. It provided me a network of connections that I could call upon when I had questions and that I still rely upon today."
Jennifer Toth, P.E.
Former Deputy Director and State Engineer


"My name is Brandon Colvin, and I have been working for ADOT for almost two years. As one of the first landscape architects to join the ADOT EIT program, I have recognized the value of becoming an LAIT as a major building block as I work toward my professional goals, including becoming a PLA (professional landscape architect). I have had the opportunity to advance my career through training courses and interaction with various groups within the department, as well as to learn from seasoned managers and coworkers, providing a great balance between training, career advancement and being a productive team member. It has been a great experience being part of the EIT program, and I would recommend joining the program to any who are committed to building a solid start to a successful professional career."
Brandon Colvin
Landscape Architect-in-Training


"The EIT program was a unique and essential part of my career development at ADOT, and the reason I came to ADOT in the first place. I was able to experience all the different elements of the project delivery process and learn the importance, challenges and triumphs that each component faces. I was also able to gain key contacts and network with other engineers who greatly aided in issue resolution and my further development and understanding of ADOT project processes."
Adam David Carreon, P.E.
Resident Engineer


"I was in the EIT program starting the summer of 2004. Prior to that, I had been an intern within the Tucson District for three years full time during the summer and part time during school.

"This year in May, I will have 12 years of service with the department, with three years as a resident engineer.

"My rotations included six months in construction in Flagstaff, two months at the Traffic Operations Center, four months in Roadway Design and six months in Tucson Construction, where I stayed another six months after that to obtain permanent status.

"The EIT Program provided me an opportunity to learn how the department operates and work within several divisions and districts. This experience is very valuable in obtaining key contacts and work experience within a diverse agency."
James F. Gomes, Jr., P.E.
Resident Engineer


"I was an ADOT EIT from June 2005 to March 2007. I rotated through many areas, including Roadway Design, Rural and Metropolitan Construction, Materials Lab, Traffic Operations Center, Environmental Planning, and Project Management. As an environmental engineering consultant prior to that, I had minimal construction and traffic opportunities; I am grateful that ADOT has helped me with opportunities for growth professionally that I may not have had. The EIT program encouraged me to take the valuable Testmasters preparation class, which helped me pass the Civil Engineering PE examination. I worked as a project manager in Valley Project Management before obtaining my current position as Product Evaluation Program manager in 2011."
Stephanie Huang, P.E.
Product Evaluation Program Manager


"The EIT program has helped me tremendously in reaching my career goals. During the first part of the program, I rotated through a number of different departments, which enlightened me on the numerous elements that make ADOT work. The rotation also gave me the valuable opportunity to meet many fellow employees and to learn from their many years of experience. Later in the program, I was given the chance to act as a project supervisor, through which I learned the importance of documentation and proper administrative activities."
David Locher, EIT
Transportation Engineering Associate


"School can supply you with the pool of knowledge for becoming an engineer, but you need a platform from which to leap into the profession. ADOT's EIT program has provided me many platforms from which to dive into different facets of engineering. During my tenure, I have explored the likes of design (traffic and civil), construction and the applications of intelligent transportation systems. The valuable experience is unlike any other for those who choose to apply themselves.

"Also, if you need any assistance on a future EIT interview panel, I would be interested in participating on one of those."
Adam Brahm, P.E.
Resident Engineer


"The EIT program gave me the opportunity to get a taste of different sections inside the organization. Thanks to this program, I was able to pick the one that suited me the most. This has made my job much more enjoyable."
Francisco J. Yanes
Transportation Engineering Specialist


"As a current EIT, I now have contacts in multiple departments if I have questions. Since I've worked in multiple groups, returning to any one of them as a permanent assignment (or switching later) would be easier than being brand new to the group. Once I am permanently placed, working with other groups on a single project should be easier now that I have an idea of how they function."
Elizabeth Weil, EIT
Transportation Engineering Associate


"The EIT program has provided me with professional experience in civil engineering and allowed me to explore interests in materials testing, drainage design, pavement design and highway maintenance. The knowledge I gained from completing the EIT program has been instrumental in my professional development."
Phillip Pagels, EIT
Transportation Engineering Associate


"The EIT program gave me the opportunity to discover what the agency was about, and it introduced me to the many different departments within the agency. This helped me to decide what part of the agency was best for me. The EIT program also provided a great opportunity to network with the other groups within the agency, which has greatly helped me in construction."
Jeremy Moore, P.E.
Resident Engineer


"In the EIT program, I established contacts in different areas of ADOT and learned about their responsibilities. The on-the-job training I received prepared me to become a Professional Engineer. Through exposure to various groups in the agency, I was able to confidently choose a career in the specialty that was best for me."
Stephanie Wilhardt-Smith, P.E.
ADOT Traffic Engineering Group