Arizona Strategic Traffic Safety Plan (STSP)

Arizona Strategic Traffic Safety Plan (STSP)

2019 Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Federal regulations require all states to have a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)  that provides a comprehensive framework for reducing fatalities and serious injuries on public roadways. These plans are required to be updated every five years. The state's Department of Transportation leads development of its SHSP in cooperation with local, state, federal and other safety stakeholders. Under the completed SHSP, all highway safety programs in the state can leverage resources and work together to address transportation safety issues.

In fall 2018, Arizona’s safety leaders began the process to update the SHSP, last completed in 2014, per the five-year requirement. This effort resulted in the current 2019 Strategic Traffic Safety Plan (STSP) represents this update. The STSP was developed in consultation with a broad array of transportation safety stakeholders throughout the state representing each of the 4 E’s of safety: Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services, in addition to analysis and documentation of the statewide database of crash records and other data. The STSP is a tool to direct transportation project investment decisions and ensure best safety practices are adopted to achieve a meaningful reduction in transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries on all public roadways.

Current Strategic Traffic Safety Plans


Arizona Vulnerable Road User Safety Assessment

The Vulnerable Road User Safety Assessment (VRUSA) is a statewide initiative to improve safety for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) in the Arizona. The assessment evaluates historical crashes involving VRUs, VRU activity levels, locations of underserved populations, and stakeholder consultation to develop strategies and programs to improve VRU safety in Arizona.