ADOT gifs: Better than peanut butter

ADOT gifs: Better than peanut butter

By Caroline Carpenter / ADOT Communications
November 25, 2019

Whether you pronounced it “gif” or “jif,” like the peanut butter, almost everyone has seen one. They’re often used for memes or as a way to show how you’re feeling on social media.

Here at ADOT, we love a good gif and wanted to share ADOT gifs with you. Our ADOT Giphy channel went live in mid-July and already has 1.6 million views.

We’re continuing to add to it, but so far our most popular gifs are the ones for dust storms and monsoons. No surprise since it happens to be monsoon season.

Right now our gifs are designed to be used as Instagram story stickers. You can find them by searching “ArizonaDOT” on Instagram or visit our verified Giphy channel at We also have video instructions on how to find and use stickers our Instagram highlight named “Stickers.” If you have any gif ideas for us, please share them with us on social media.

Join us and spread safety messages like #PullAsideStayAlive and just share your love of our state with #AZAwesome.

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