Dolan Ellis, Arizona official balladeer
Arizona State Balladeer Dolan Ellis has written and performed hundres of distinctly Arizona songs, including some about the holiday season.
ADOT's Giphy site
Whether you say "gif" or "jif," our Giphy channel has you covered with ADOT- and safety-themed Instagram story stickers.
Archive photo of helicoil traffic interchange
The Deck Park Tunnel has been a planned feature for Interstate 10 through Phoenix since the 1980s. But before that, concepts included something a little more interesting.
Litter is no joke, neither is the effort necessary to keep our 59 pump stations along Valley freeways clean and maintained. That's where ADOT's hydrovac comes in.
Archive photo (1941) car at Fish Creek Canyon on the Apache Trail.
SR 88 is more than just the road to Canyon Lake. More than a century old, this curving highway was instrumental in the construction of Roosevelt Dam.
Map of I-17 south of Sunset Point where proposed flex lanes will be placed.
See a video showing what's coming to this busy freeway between Anthem and Sunset Point.
Dust storm moved down the freeway
It's almost monsoon season, which also means dust storms. Our director shares his thoughts about safe driving during this time of year.
Crews working at night on bridge abutments for the new interchanges at Pinnacle Peak and Happy Valley roads
Piers and bridge abutments for the new interchanges at Pinnacle Peak and Happy Valley roads are currently going up, so take a look at some of the work happening right now.
Transportation playlist on a mobile phone.
Our ArizonaDOT Spotify playlist of transportation-related songs has continued growing over the past year. We hope you'll check it out.
Construction equipment works in red dirt
We continue Infrastructure Week 2019 by exploring videos of just some of ADOT's projects that have improved the quality of life in Greater Arizona.


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