ADOT Kids: I spy … a red bird, coyote, snake ... “BINGO!”

ADOT Kids: I spy … a red bird, coyote, snake ... “BINGO!”

By Bill Lamoreaux / ADOT Communications
August 3, 2023
A bingo card with various Arizona specialty license plates.

Hey ADOT Kids (and parents)!

Are you taking one more road trip before school starts back up? If so, we have a fun game for the whole family to play in the car (except the driver!). License plate bingo is easy and fun to play. We have a link to the playing cards with 24 Arizona specialty license plates. The printable sheet allows up to four people to play at a time. When you see one of these plates, you mark it on your card. First person to find 5 plates across, down or diagonal wins. Download and print a license plate BINGO game card!

There are nearly 100 different specialty plates that you can look for on the roads everyday. Some of these plates include the professional sports teams like the Cardinals, Coyotes, Diamondbacks and Suns. There are many other types of plates too. There are educational plates, plates for pets and animals, military and veteran plates, and even college and university plates. 

Specialty plates are not just fun to spot as you are riding across town, city, state or even across the country, they also give much needed money to charities that help kids and adults in Arizona. 

These plates represent lots of charities that are working to help Arizona communities in many different ways. They support educational and sports programs designed to improve the lives of children, health, inclusion of individuals with and without disabilities, wellness and economic advancement, scholarship opportunities and environment.

Over $10 million is donated each year through these colorful plates. Most specialty plates cost $25 each year. $17 from each plate goes to a charity or nonprofit group of that plate. 

You can check out all the different specialty plates available at and order the plate that says “BINGO” to you at

Visit the ADOT Kids website at for more fun and educational activities and videos!

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