Babak Dehghani
Babak Dehghani tells us what's like being part of ADOT's Engineer-In-Training Program.
Engineer-in-Training Program participant Joselyn Valero
Engineers are an important part of what ADOT does. This is why one engineer loves her job.
ADOT Kids Engineer career seek-and-find activity page
Have you thought about being an engineer when you grow up? At ADOT, we have many different types, all doing important work!
ADOT Kids All Characters for print
National Engineers Week starts February 22, and ADOT Kids is ready to celebrate by showing what a career in engineering could mean!
A half dozen sign technicians make 100s of signs a month
Hey, ADOT Kids, you see signs all the time, but do you know how they are made?
ADOT Kids sign with elephant illus
Signs are everywhere along the road, but did you know that ADOT has its very own shop to make them?
Zoom meeting background showing heavy equipment moving rocks
Looking to keep the kids occupied between Christmas and New Year's? Then ADOT Kids might be the resource for you! Fun and educational, it's perfect for budding engineers.
Coloring Sheet ADOT Kids snowplow
Yes, it snows in Arizona, so it's time to start thinking about snowplows! Learn more about how ADOT uses these incredible machines.
ADOT Kids Award
We may not be able to hang it up on a refrigerator like some of the art we've received, but ADOT Kids was recently recognized for explaining transportation to a general audience during the public health situation.


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