Dust storm photo
In addition to learning more about monsoon season safety, we're encouraging you to create your own sign to keep people from driving into a dangerous dust storm.
ADOT Kids freeway designs
How long is the South Mountain Freeway? How wide are the lanes? How did we set the speed limit? ADOT Kids asked, and we answer. Plus we share everyone's freeway designs.
Adopt a Highway kids
Our ADOT Kids coloring activity this week encourges kids to avoid littering.
ADOT Kids construction zone maze
If you love construction, work zones and freeways, we have a word search and maze for you to complete.
South Mountain quiz title card
Please take our quiz and then see how well your parents or friends can do.
ADOT Kids-Safety Messages
Every one of these creative messages showed how much you all care about keeping Arizona safe. We had a great time reading them.
South Mountain Freeway
We've compiled videos from the South Mountain Freeway project to help inspire your art along the freeway.
Designs on US 89 underpass in Cameron
Imagine the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway without any designs on its bridges, ramps and sound walls? What drawings and colors would you use? What plants would line the roadway? This activity makes you the designer.
ADOT Safety Calendar cover
We hope an ADOT calendar featuring drawings and messages by children and grandchildren of our employees inspires you to find even more ways to promote safety where you live.
Attenuator truck
EDITOR'S NOTE: During this unprecedented time, ADOT is creating transportation activities for kids. Please visit


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